Yellow Library
Cover designs
Crime stories of Tapani Bagge
Cover illustration and design for book series
Haruki Murakami
Cover designs
The City of Woven Streets
Cover design
Metro trilogy
Cover design for book trilogy
Tuhannen viillon kuolema
Cover design for book series
Cover design, interior illustration
Veijo Meri Redesign
Redesign of book series
Cover design, interior illustration and layout
Cover design
Kuninkaan korva
Cover design for series, map illustration
The Sands of Sarasvati
Graphic novel
Masi Tulppa: pääsy kielletty!
Cover design, layout, interior illustration
Nyt pelittää!
Picture book illustration and design
Tuula Kallioniemi
Cover illustrations
Cover design, interior illustration and layout
Forum yhteiskuntaoppi
Educational illustration
Sammon vartijat trilogy
Cover illustrations and design for series