Nyt pelittää! Miten pelejä tehdään? by Elina Lappalainen is a children's book with educational content. It's about how mobile games are made, and was a dream project for me as an illustrator, as I got to combine handmade painting and drawing with pixel graphics.

Early in the process of making the book, we visited several local game studios. This scene borrows elements from Grand Cru and Seriously studios.

Some characters are based on real persons working in the Finnish games industry. This one resembles composer Ari Pulkkinen (I hope)

I created imaginary game environments for the book, using a combination of vector and bitmap illustration. Readers are supposed to create sound effects for this picture.

Pixel graphics are hidden even in the most mundane places, like in the carpets here.

This party scene contains several cameos of real people and also characters from real games.

For the story we came up with a fictional mobile game, Pomppikset, complete with credible game mechanics and core loop. It's about a family of frogs trying to stop an evil industrialist from polluting their home pond. This is a map screen for the game.

We also needed a logo for a fictional game studio. Extra nerd points to you if you get the visual reference.